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Benefits of Reducing Waste from Your Construction Project

By 8 July 2020August 6th, 2020No Comments

Benefits of Reducing Waste from Your Construction Project

Commercial Waste Reduction

For all projects, especially larger construction jobs, it’s a great idea to cut down on the amount of waste that you produce. We have the skips for you to dispose of as much as you need to, but there are always some advantages to trying to waste as little as possible. So, no matter the big project you’ve decided to undertake, whether that is building a conservatory, or building a multi-million-pound building in central London, reduce your waste! 

Why Reduce Your Waste?

There are a fair few reasons why you should reduce the waste on your projects big or small. The first is the simple reason of cutting costs. On average, the disposal of the waste generated from large construction jobs takes up 1.7% of all the costs. That seems very minuscule in the grand scheme of things but when conducting a project that costs in the millions, that could end up being a large chunk of money. This can be as large as 3.1% for projects within the household. 

Not only for the cost, but the reduction of waste contributes to the reduction of rubbish sent to landfill. Construction projects contribute to 32% of all waste at the landfill, so being more waste aware and trying to waste as little as possible would be a massive help. 

The Advantages of Reducing Construction Waste

There are a few great benefits to reducing the amount of waste you generate from a large construction project. Here are just a few of the main ones that should hopefully tempt you into reducing your waste. 

Reduced Costs

If you’re generating a lot of waste it means that you may be just wasting materials because you don’t need them or you simply bought too much and now you need to get rid. We do offer a 12-yard skip that’s a great cost-effective solution to disposing of the waste but if you have a large amount you would need to order multiple skips. This could push you over budget even which how much we try to offer great discounts for commercial jobs.


By generating lots of waste, it can lead to safety risks around the construction site. It will lead to waste being left lying around which can cause injury and health risks to your industry workers. Our best tip for you is to make sure the waste you produce will fit into a 12-yard skip, or just calculate exactly how many skips you’ll need so all the waste can be disposed of in them responsibly and won’t be just lying around.

Environmentally Friendly

By reducing how much you’re wasting, it reduces how much waste your project will be sending to the landfill. Most waste produced by these projects is the result of over-ordering or not storing items well which can easily be prevented. By being over-prepared it will prevent unnecessary waste which will also help you cut costs as you’ll be buying the right amount of items and not overspending.

Hire Our Larger Skips

We can provide you with a large 12-yard skips that works ideally to dispose of all the waste generated from these large commercial jobs. If you’d like to call us on

01273 951004 we can discuss looking into larger skips if necessary. We also offer exclusive offers to repeat and trade customers. Use our online price checker today and book your cheap skip to dispose of all the waste for you.

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