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How to Dispose of Your Washing Machine

How to Dispose of Your Washing Machine

Washing Machine Waste

So your washing machine is broken or you just need a replacement. No need to worry. Unfortunately due to safety risks, they can’t be put into a skip but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to dispose of them. There are a few different ways in which you can rid of washing machines whether they’re fully working or not. We show you all the responsible ways to recycle your washing machines so we can all be as environmentally conscious as possible. 

Disposing of a Broken Washing Machine

Although broken washing machines can’t go into one of our skips, it doesn’t mean there are no other ways to dispose of them. They are classified as a hazardous appliance, like other harmful items you can find on our waste restrictions page,  so there are specific ways in which they need to be disposed of, they can’t simply just go into any old rubbish bin. These are a few of the ways.

  • Electrical Recycling Point – There are lots of these placed all around and they will more than likely be willing to take your old washing machine off your hands. Just make sure you call them up first before you make the journey. You can find your local recycling point here.
  • Collection– If you call up your local council, they can sometimes help you out with your old washing machines. Most of them offer collection and removal services sometimes at a small fee. This a good cost-effective solution for ridding of your washing machine. 
  • Repair – Is it really broken beyond repair? You might be able to fix it with the right repair team. Some washing machines just need some TLC and then they are as good as new. In some cases also, fixing a broken washing machine is much cheaper than buying yourself a completely new one.

Disposing of a Working Washing Machine

If your washing machine is still in some sort of working condition then there are a few different ways in which you can pass it on. These are a few of them.

  • Re-used by the Council – Quite like the collection process, the council will sometimes collect your washing machine and pass it along to people that can get better use out of it. It’s a very easy way to donate your washing machine, however, sometimes there can be very long waiting lists so as long as you don’t need it gone urgently, this is a great plan for you! 
  • Donation – Instead of donating through the council, you can just always go straight to a charity of your choice in the Brighton area and donate it there. Always double-check with the charity/company first before lugging your appliance all the way down there and being rejected. 
  • Contact the Retailer – Slowly but surely, the electrical companies are taking back un-wanted equipment and acting as an electrical recycling point and then even sometimes offering part-exchange on a new one. So it’s worth checking out what the retailer of the washing machine has to say first.
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