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Helping to Keep Brighton Clean

By 1 July 2020August 6th, 2020No Comments

Helping to Keep Brighton Clean

Clean Brighton

Here at Reliable Skip Hire Brighton, we strive to recycle all your waste so that we can do our part to be as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Although we do our part when it comes to our skips, we wanted to make sure we could outline what we could all be doing every day. Here are a few things that Brighton have started to do to keep the beaches and towns a lot cleaner. We support everything that is going on because if we all recycle and make sure we are accountable for our own rubbish, then our environments will be much nicer to visit and live in. 

New Systems in Place

Here are a few ways in which Brighton is trying to keep the surrounding areas as clean as possible. These are all great systems that have been put in place which will reduce all the waste that is leftover.

Reporting Fly-Tipping

Now a new hotline has been put into place so you can report fly-tipping wherever you see it. All residents will be able to call 01273 295063 and tell them all the details so action can take place immediately. We completely support these actions as fly-tipping is a horrible way to get rid of waste and a skip should be used instead. You should also book with a reputable service so they don’t fly-tip your waste after you give it to them.

Beach Signs

Now along Brighton beach, there are being around 40 signs put up along the beachfront promoting the idea of the loving the beach. They explain that anyone caught littering will face a £150 fine. Everyone has to take accountability for their rubbish which includes things as little as cigarette butts. This way the beach is kept clean for others to use and just keeps the environment free or everyone’s rubbish.

On The Spot Fines

Brighton’s local authority has now started to issue on the spot fines to people littering. This goes hand in hand with the litter on the beach but they have started also fining people all around the towns. Now as the weather improves, and more people are out and about there is more litter than ever being left on the streets. This is unacceptable and the fines are a great idea to try and get the litter dealt with.

Hire a Skip For Bigger Projects

These ideas are great for stopping street littering and the littering happening on the beaches, however, what should you do when you have large quantities? Hire a skip! We can deal with all your waste for you, all you have to do is hire a skip on our website, which takes just minutes, and we can deliver it to you whenever you need it. This way all your rubbish is disposed of responsibly and recycled after to make sure we’re still doing our part for the environment.

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